Deluxe Collection
Deluxe Collection

Deluxe Collection

Deluxe Collection

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This generous collection includes FIVE cured meats (including our 2022 Good Food Awards winner Herbed Wagyu Bresaola), THREE cheeses, TWO jams, honey, and nuts. Everything you need to create a sensational charcuterie display or very special gift!

 Deluxe Charcuterie Collection includes:

**Due to high demand, meats and accoutrements are subject to change without notice. But don't worry! You'll still get your money's worth!**

1 package Herbed Wagyu Bresaola, 1 link Hoguera Spreadable Chorizo, 1 link Zin Salami, 1 link No. 1 Salami, 1 link Fino Salami, 1/4 lb. wedge Hull's Trace cheddar cheese, 1/4 lb. wedge Black Swamp Gouda, 1/4 lb. wedge Owl Creek Tomme Cheese, 2 oz. jar Cozy Pear Jam, 1.5 oz. jar Wildflower Honey, 9 oz. jar Magnificent Mixed Berry Jam, 7 oz. bag Gourmet Mix Nut, Roasted & Salted

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We're Foris, a small-scale maker of extraordinary meats. Our family 
works hand-in-hand with small farms and artisans to create the Midwest's boldest expressions of flavor and texture.

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An assortment of our most popular cured meats paired with outstanding local cheeses, preserves, and chef-selected accoutrements.