The Top 10 Local Products of 2019 [Columbus Underground]

You should always buy American if you can. And buy Ohio if that’s an option. And even buy locally here in Columbus if there’s a business that sells a quality product that you’re in need of. We ask our readers and editors to help select the top locally-made products each year, and in 2019 they chose North Country Charcuterie to top the list. The local cured meat maker traces its roots back to 2014 when it first got started by the Forbes family. In 2018, the local business grew out of a local food incubator and into its own production facility, ramping up its product availability. Since 2016, the product has bounced around on the Top 10 local products list, finally making its way to number one in 2019. For more information, visit

Top 10 Local Products of 2019:

  1. North Country Charcuterie
  2. OH! Chips
  3. Eleventh Candle Co.
  4. Glenn Avenue Soap Company
  5. Cliff Original
  6. Darista Dips
  7. Alison Rose
  8. Concur
  9. Thunderkiss Coffee
  10. Root 23
Source: Columbus Underground