Columbus Food Adventures - Farmer's Market Gift Box

Though the farmers markets are mostly closed for the season, the many fine makers who sell their wares at them have agreed to share their products with us for this gift box!

Share farmers market favorites this holiday season with a gift box surprise that’s sure to delight!

Though the farmers markets are mostly closed for the season, the many fine makers who sell their wares at them have agreed to share their products with us for this gift box! We like to think of this box as the fullest expression of our pride in what Central Ohio’s local artisan producers can do, and are genuinely excited to share it with you and yours.

From top notch charcuterie to fine cheeses to a granola we just can’t get enough of, this curated gift box is sure to bring smiles to the faces of friends and family wherever they may be.

Price: $119 shipping included

Gift Boxes will ship between December 13th and 17th. 

Contents include:

 No. 1  Salami (6.8 oz) North Country Charcuterie – This handcrafted salami uses Ohio sourced ingredients, including Chardonnay from Dubonne Vineyards, cheese from Blue Jacket Dairy, seasoned fresh garlic and sage. Its savory flavor and creamy texture make it a welcome presence on any charcuterie board.

 Parmesan Tuscan Flatbread (5 oz) Weed Knob Acres – We think these are some of the best crackers we’ve ever tasted. With their beguiling combination of parmesan cheese, herbs, and sun-dried tomato, they quickly become the surprise hit of any snack spread.

 Vanilla Bean Infused Creamed Honey (3 oz) Honeyrun Farm – Flecked with real Madagascar vanilla, this effortlessly spreadable creamed honey elevates everything it touches with a fine crystalline texture that melts on the tongue.

 Owl Creek Tomme Cheese (.3 lb) Kokoborrego Cheese – This award winning semi-firm cheese from Ohio’s first sheep dairy elevates any cheese board with its manchego like assertiveness and notes of pistachio.

 The Cherry Manhattan Preserves (8 oz) Sweet Thing Gourmet – With sweetness and tartness in beautiful balance, these cherry preserves use Bulleit bourbon and amaretto-soaked Montmorency cherries to bring a deliciously sophisticated twist to the breakfast table.

 Apple Crisp Granola (7 oz) Ingram Acres – Hand crafted in small batches using Ohio grown oats, this top shelf granola’s irresistible apple-cinnamon flavor provides all of the indulgence of an apple crumble in a handy snackable format.

 Chocolate Coated Praline Hazelnuts (4 oz) Mondiale Collections – Imagine this: toasted hazelnuts tossed in burnt caramel, then rolled in a deep dark chocolate and finished with red and black cocoa powder. From the first delectable crunch to the Nutella-like finish, these are decadence defined!

 Liége Pearl Sugar Belgian Waffles (8 oz) Waffle Hub – Helmed by a Belgian expat, Waffle Hub has evolved from the owner’s personal gift giving project into a full fledged waffle producer serving up Central Ohio’s best Belgian-style waffles. Pearl sugar adds an irresistible crunch, and these waffles are delicious right out of the bag or toasted. (5 waffles)

 Nitro Sealed Single Serve Coffee (.5 oz x 2) Ramble Coffee – Be it an Ethiopian Limu or their Mexico Chiapas roast, Ramble’s single serve steeped coffee bags are one of the simplest and most satisfying ways to enjoy the deep rich flavors of craft-roasted single origin coffees.

Messages to gift box recipients can be included when checking out, and your message will be hand written on a custom gift card. 

Gift boxes will be shipped via USPS priority mail, with free shipping nationwide. All shipping costs are included in the price of the box. 

While we strive to include all of the shown items in your gift box, we reserve the right to substitute individual items with products of equal or greater deliciousness.

The basket in the photo is not included in the gift box.

All purchases are final.


Published Nov. 1, 2021
Columbus Food Adventures